If you would like to write to Desiree and send her your thoughts and prayers, please send your letters to:

Desiree Landry, c/o St. Gerard Campus, Inc.
P. O. Box 4382
St. Augustine, Florida 32085

We will be happy to forward your encouraging good wishes to her.

Desiree Sloat & Family

A Young Mother Enlists in the Military

Some of the young mothers that graduate from St. Gerard Campus, some very special ones, chose to enlist in our military. One young woman especially stands out. She graduated from St. Gerard in 2006 and has kept in touch over the past few years during her military training. She came to visit the school recently while on leave from where she was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. She was visiting her father and family here in St. Augustine and made it a point to stop in share her success story.

Desiree Sloat, now Desiree Landry, always lived an exciting life. She came to St. Gerard Campus pregnant and facing many challenges. But it was her determination that defined her. It was positively infectious. It was not long before we discovered she was an above average student, with an inquisitive nature, exuberant in her desire to learn. She raced through her work, always looking to challenge herself to do and learn more. She then birthed a beautiful baby girl and graduated with honors. Upon graduation, she entered St. John’s Community College. To help with the expenses of college, she received a Pell Grant and a Bright Futures Scholarship.

Desiree took the time from her busy schedule as a full-time student and mother to visit our campus and while waving the $1,000 check she received for living expenses, spoke to our current students, giving them encouragement, inspiration and sharing her “You can do it” attitude. She was always a natural born leader.

Desiree found college was not challenging enough and decided to enlist in the Army. She had the total support of her family. Through her hard work, determined attitude and her innate desire to excel, she has achieved the rank of E4. Desiree will be facing her greatest challenge of all… leaving her daughter. She is being deployed to the Middle East as a computer specialist in charge of nuclear weapon release in her battalion. Grandpop, Desiree’s father, is so happy to be able to help Desiree fulfill her duty by caring for his little “Buddy,” as he calls his baby granddaughter, for the next year.