A Baby Blanket Makes The Difference In One Young Mother's Life

baby in blanket

Ten years ago, a young student announced to her mother she was pregnant. Her mother was so angry, she beat her with a belt. Her mother, being of Korean descent, did not believe in our liberal society and could not believe her intelligent, gifted daughter could be pregnant.

The young woman was brought to St. Gerard Campus by her friends in Jacksonville. She moved into our residence not knowing what she wanted to do about her situation. Someone kindly made her a soft, beautiful baby blanket. She treasured the blanket and when her little daughter was born she wrapped her child in that blanket and decided she wanted to raise this child.

This young mother was an excellent student and we really enjoyed having her with us. We were able to contact her father, who welcomed her home with her baby. The baby’s father did not keep his life on the right track and was no longer in the picture.

After some time, we heard from this young woman and she was enrolled in the University of Gainesville on an athletic scholarship and a grant. We were so proud of her.

I recently heard from her again and found out that she had married a fine young man, who accepted her child as his own. She received her degree and is now a stay-at-home mother living in Hawaii. They own a boutique in Hawaii.

She, her husband and three children came back to St. Gerard for a visit this Christmas. She spoke to the current students about the trials and tribulations she has faced in her life, and how St. Gerard Campus redirected her life in a positive direction and blessed her and her daughter. She also delivered handmade quilts to every baby at St. Gerard Campus in honor of the kind person that made one for her. The blanket she clung to, so frightened, but with hope in her heart. That same lovely blanket that she wrapped her tiny infant in as she welcomed her into the world.