Adopted Son Was Heaven Sent

Lou and Joel Aquino and adopted son Alex

Lourdes and Joel Aquino feel they were given a sign from above that they were chosen to be the parents of their beloved adopted son.

On the day they were to meet a young pregnant woman who was considering them as adoptive parents, they thought they were going to meet “Jennifer.” Lourdes, who goes by Lou, arrived before Joel and greeted the nervous mother warmly. “Imagine my embarrassment when she responded that her name was not Jennifer,” Lou says with a laugh.

The surprise grew when she learned that the girl’s real name was Alexis. “I asked her not to tell my husband her real name when she met him,” says Lou. Minutes later Joel joined them and Lou asked him to tell “Jennifer” what names they had picked out for their child. “When he calmly announced that we had selected Alexis Daniella for a girl and Alexis Daniel for a boy, Alexis exclaimed that her name was Alexis and her father’s name was Daniel,” Lou says. “We knew right then that this was meant to be.”

Lou and Joel shared the experience of her pregnancy with Alexis. They took her to doctor appointments and were there to view her sonogram together. In the last month, Alexis had doubts about giving up her child, but in the end she felt her newborn son would flourish with the people she had chosen and Alexis Daniel Aquino went home with his excited new parents. He was soon nicknamed Alex and became the center of an extended, adoring family.

Alex is now two years old and brings joy to his parents every day. “I have a special box that has pictures and gifts that his birth mother sent him for his first birthday and Christmas,” Lou says. “Someday I will tell Alex all about how brave she was and how she loved him enough to bring him into this world and give him to us.”