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St. Gerard High School

St. Gerard Campus is a fully accredited Interfaith Christian High School that caters to the special needs of the pregnant teenager. Many times pregnant high school girls are ostracized by their peers in mainstream high school, forcing them to drop out of school and not complete their education. Empowerment through education is our goal, preparing each student to take their place in society, fully able to support themselves and their child and be a productive asset to society.

Babies stay with their mothers in the classroom for the first two months of life during that special bonding period. The babies are then transferred to the on-site Daycare Center where the mothers continue their education in the Hands On Care Program.

At St. Gerard Campus we will individualize each student’s curriculum to meet her needs. In addition to the academics, St. Gerard provides instruction in real life courses these young women will need to enable them to better understand and raise a child. They take classes in Child Development, Nutrition and Wellness, Sociology, Family Dynamics, Home Economics and Parenting. Each girl is also schooled in theology, learns scripture and receives spiritual counseling throughout her school year. Each girl, in her in her senior year, will create a life plan prior to graduation, clearly outlining her strategy for the upcoming year. It will include where she and her child will live, marriage plans, future school plans and how she plans on providing for herself and the baby.

We are proud of the many students that have passed through the gates of St. Gerard, gone onto further education and carved out successful careers for themselves. Many former students have taken the time to return to our campus, regaling us with their achievements and encouraging current students to choose a productive path in life. Our former students have careers in medicine, nursing, as police officers, the military, as firefighters and bankers, to name a few.

We believe that a mother is her child’s first teacher and that empowerment through education will forever break the poverty, neglect, and welfare cycles so many of these girls aspire to.

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