St. Gerard Daycare

A learning experience for mother and child

One truly unique aspect of the St. Gerard Campus is our on-site Daycare Center. While attending high school, our young women can have the opportunity to get their education while their newborns and toddlers receive day care from our professional staff.

St. Gerard Campus Daycare is fully licensed and follows the strict rules and regulations set forth by the Florida Department of Children and Families. The teaching staff is fully certified and has received training in CPR and first-aid. We are also fortunate to have many volunteers that give of their time to help “rock” the babies.

The daycare center follows the Creative Curriculum standard used by Head Start, which allows our teachers to be creative with their lesson plans and utilize age-appropriate activities. The babies grow and flourish in our loving environment. Every day is a day of discovery and exploration.

We use music and reading to develop the babies’ language skills along with games like “Peek-A-Boo” and “I See You,” amongst others, for social development. The children learn to bounce and play, sharpening their motor skills. We have learning, teaching and interactive toys. We include art projects for sensory development. We love our little art projects and so do our little ones. Watching the babies learn and grow makes this our mission of love.

Our new mothers spend time in the nursery with their children as part of their curriculum too. The young women learn how to be good mothers, how to care for and nurture their children, learn first aid, how to recognize childhood illnesses and how to handle emergencies. Lunchtime is a very special time for both mothers and babies. Lunchtime is a shared experience where, under the supervision of the teaching staff, new mothers learn proper nutrition for their babies, along with proper interaction and feeding techniques for each stage of development.

At the end of the academic year, new mothers have a better understanding of how to be a good parent with an excellent understanding of their child’s needs, and the children have had the stimulation to advance. We are proud that our young women not only receive the academic study in child development but have the hands-on experience learning from professionals only available in our Daycare Center.