Parents with new baby

Another wonderful service offered by St. Gerard campus is adoption. Many pregnant teens and women think that abortion is the only alternative to an unplanned pregnancy. We present adoption as a viable alternative.

A birth mother has the option of choosing from couples that have already been screened and approved for adoption by viewing family albums created by the adopting parents, with letters expressly written to the birth mother explaining what adopting a child would mean to them and their family.

All adopting couples have been screened by the FBI, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Sheriff’s Office. They also undergo home studies, performed by mental health professionals and are pre-counseled for adoption. Once the child is released by the birth mother at birth, our attorney goes before a judge to finalize the adoption.

Birth mothers may choose to meet the adoptive parents and ask questions, allowing her to have peace of mind concerning the parenting philosophy of the adoptive parents. Adoptions may be open or closed depending upon the birth mothers wishes. The birth mother may also allow the adoptive parents to be present during prenatal visits and delivery to share the experience. Financial support is often given to the birth mother during her pregnancy and afterwards for an agreed period of time. The birth mother may receive pictures of the child at certain intervals if she wishes to, allowing her the reassurance of the child’s well being. An adoptive attorney coordinates all of the legal exchanges.

The adoption program at St. Gerard has helped to close a large gap in helping find homes for these beautiful babies. Over the years, St. Gerard has facilitated hundreds of successful adoptions. In most cases, a strong bond is developed between the birth mother and the chosen adoptive parents; there is a strong display of love and a deep gratitude from both parties.

If you are considering adoption or placing your child for adoption, please contact St. Gerard Campus at (904) 829-5516. or All information is strictly confidential.

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