Adoption Referrals

Parents with new baby

Another wonderful service offered by St. Gerard Campus is adoption referral.  Although St. Gerard Campus is not an adoption agency, we are able to refer a pregnant teen or woman to consider adoption as a viable alternative to terminating an unplanned pregnancy.  Our adoption referral service allows a birth mother the option of choosing appropriate adoptive parents. We also may help a birth mother with a referral to licensed child placing agencies.

St. Gerard Campus assists the birth mother to view family albums created by prospective adoptive parents and to review letters expressly written to the birth mother explaining what adopting a child would mean to the adoptive parents and their families.  St. Gerard Campus assists in assuring that all adoptive couples have been screened by the FBI, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the local Sheriff's Office.

Adoptive couples also undergo home studies, performed by mental health professionals, and are pre-counseled for adoption.  St. Gerard Campus can refer a birth mother to an adoption attorney who will go before a judge to finalize the adoption.  Our adoption referral service can also assist birth mothers in choosing to meet potential adoptive parents and ask questions.  This allows the birth mother to have peace of mind concerning the parenting philosophy of the potential adoptive parents, including issues dealing with pre-natal visits, delivery procedure, financial support, and any visitation agreement reached between the parties involved. 

The adoption referral program at St. Gerard Campus has helped close a large gap in helping to find homes for these beautiful babies.  Over the years, St. Gerard Campus has helped to facilitate hundreds of successful adoptions.  In most cases, a strong bond is developed between the birth mother and the chosen adoptive parents with a strong display of love and gratitude from both parties.

If you are interested in our adoption referral services, please let us help you.  Please contact St. Gerard Campus at 904-829-5516 or at our email,  All information is strictly confidential.

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